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Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions of noontec's Site Use

Entering this site will constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. They may have changed since your last visit to this site. your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions, and any changes to these terms and conditions after they are posted. Do not use this site if you do not accept these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change these terms.

Customer Information

To learn about how we protect customer information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Pricing, Specifications and Availability

All prices are in United States Dollars. Prices, specifications and availability of products are subject to change without notice. Due to the changing nature of the computer market, and because of the technical differences in the equipment of our customers, product descriptions may not reflect current technical information, and we cannot be responsible for photographic differences in product size, shape and color.

noontec.com orders generate an automatic confirmation e-mail, but the receipt of a confirmation only means that we have received your order, and does not constitute an offer to sell. We may change our pricing, product description or specifications after any confirmation e-mail, but prior to shipment, due to errors, changing market conditions, product discontinuation or unavailability, typographical errors, or any other reason. We reserve the right to limit the quantity of any item sold, or prohibit a sale altogether.

We will notify you of any corrections or changes to your order, and will not complete it until we have your approval. We estimate your order will ship within two business days. Published prices do not include shipping, sales tax and insurance.

Payment and Shipping Information

Paying by Credit Card

Paying by Credit Card. You may pay by Visa, MasterCard. We do not add any credit card surcharges.

Product Warranty and Limitations

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